The platform locks down when with both a pin and the winch.  The winch self locks no matter the direction.

Next, you stand beside the platform and walk the scooter up the ramp.


You can then use the winch to level the platform out.

Our winch system allows the ramp to lower to ground level which makes it easier to drive the scooter onto it.


We wanted to find a way for those individuals with electric chairs who still have some mobility or have a spouse that is in an electric chair to be able to have the same safety and convenience of an expensive electric lift chair with out the hefty price.  We believe our product accomplishes this.

What We Offer

We design and manufacture all of our products through T & W Marketing Inc and specialize in car accessories along with products for hunting and offroading enthusiasts.  You can see our other products at

We have over 2 decades of design and fabrication experience.

About Our Company

If you want to take it off the vehicle in breaks apart into 3 smaller pieces to make them easier to work with.  NO TOOLS REQUIRED!!!

                Will this fit my Vehicle?

The weight limit of your scooter that we can guarantee our unit will hold will be 300 lbs.  You need to make sure you have the right class of receiver hitch to be able to hold all of the weight.  Our unit weighs 125 lbs so if your scooter/wheelchair weighs less than 75 lbs you should have a class 1 hitch.  If it weighs from 75-225 lbs you need a class 2, and if it weighs from 225-300 you should have a class 3 hitch.  Scooters weighing more than 300 lbs cannot be guaranteed.

When not in use it folds up against the back of the vehicle.  It is spring assisted so it lifts with one hand.

The Slack-n-ator function allows the unit to be tightened inside the receiver to virtually eliminate rattle and movement.